Smokey Feet

Level description

We offer classes for 6 levels. We update our level descriptions every year so please read them carefully and make an informed decision when you register. The levels are always relative to the level of the people attending the event. We don’t offer classes for absolute beginners.


In this small group you will get the opportunity to work (extra) closely with your teachers. You have taken weekly classes for at least 6 months in the past year and attend social dances in your scene. The basic connection, bounce and footwork is stuck in your body. Now it’s time to dive deeper.


You dance in a relaxed way to medium tempo songs at weekly socials (test multiple swing outs in a row to this song). You have started to explore more complex elements of swing dancing such as musicality and variations.

Clarinet / Trombone

Audition on Saturday morning.

You never miss a chance to dance in your scene and probably attended multiple international workshops. You are in full control of your body movement and are able to analyze and adjust your own dancing. You are playing with different dynamics and contrasts in the music. You can focus on technique when dancing to a wide range of tempo’s.

Trumpet / Piano

You’ll be assigned to a level based on your video audition.

We’ve had international concept class teachers participate in this level. You know exactly what you want to improve in your own dancing. You probably learn a lot from filming yourself, training with dance partners and dancing to fast music. You are working on the tiniest details and have participated in numerous international workshops in the highest levels.

Rules for the video audition:

  • It should be a video of you social dancing
  • Let us know who you are to prevent confusion (clothing details for example)
  • Make sure we can see your whole body during the dance
  • Show us your awesome swing outs and creativity
  • Dance to 180 BPM (minimum)
  • Send the link (YouTube or Google Photos) to, not the file itself!
  • You will be assigned to a level as a single lead or follow (not as a couple)
  • Check our FAQ or email us if you need more instructions.
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