Pauline & Simon


Pauline’s reason for dancing is to share creativity, artistry and happiness together with others. She likes to explore her ability to move her body in as many ways as possible while still keeping the feeling of swing in the body. She is energetic, playful and likes challenges Рsomething you will also notice in class. When she started dancing she thought that she would only dance for a year but has now danced for many. Constantly finding, to her, new ways of enjoying swing dancing and music.


A key reason for Simon to dance is the ability to explore different feelings, characters and self expression. Something he likes to share in class and on the dance floor. He has been dancing various dances, mostly swing related, since childhood. Inspired by the spirit and feeling of the dancers from the swing era. He enjoys seeing people dance like they mean it and show their emotions. You will see him at his happiest when dancing to high tempos and piano based songs.

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