Choosing a level for your classes is quite difficult. It’s not just about your current level or how long you have been dancing. It is also about your ability to adapt, learn new stuff and how open you are to trying out different approaches and styles. Please read the level descriptions carefully and pick the level that suits you best. Levels are always relative to the level of the people attending the event. If you want to join the trumpet or the piano level you are required to send in a video audition. During the first class on saturday all levels will be reviewed by the teachers.


You took classes for at least 6 months and probably attend social dances in your own scene. Your basics are becoming your second nature and you have been introduced to the swingout. You heard all about the international teachers and are ready to dive deeper and be blown away by one of your very first international workshops.


You attend weekly organized social dances in your own scene. Your basics are rock solid and your package of moves is expanding. You know both 6- and 8-count moves and use them interchangeably while social dancing. You feel comfortable doing a swing out at 150 bpm. You have started to learn and explore more complex elements of swing dancing, such as connection, musicality and variations. Dancing in a relaxed way to a medium tempo song is easy for you.


You’re an active social dancer. You have attended quite a few international workshops. You are confident in leading/following which makes it possible to add styling and variations. Dancing on faster music is still challenging for you. Next to focussing on rhythm and technique you’ll also find yourself dancing to a wider range of tempos in these classes. You always want to challenge yourself and are ready to take your dancing to the next level!

TRUMPET – video audition applicable

You have attended numerous international workshops and you can find the dance floor and your dance partner blindfolded. You know a big variety of figures and the technique behind them. Styling your moves has become your second nature and you are rhythmical and musical. You can easily dance to fast music (200 bpm). You may even be part of a performance group and you’re probably competing in Jack ‘n Jill and/or Strictly competitions. Please note that this level requires a video audition.

PIANO – video audition applicable

You are considered to be one of the very best dancers in your country and have participated in numerous international festivals in the highest level. Dancing to very slow and very fast music (200+ bpm) doesn’t make you give up your rhythmical variations and musicality. You’re working on tiny details to improve your dancing. You’re probably teaching Lindy Hop and have entered several international competitions. In the past years we have had international competition winners, performers and taster teachers participating in this level. If you want to join this level, please be aware that you will be challenged to the max! Please note that this level requires a video audition.

About video audition:

If you are interested in joining our Trumpet or Piano level you are required to send in a video audition. It should be a video of you social dancing, no routines allowed. If it’s a video of a Jack and Jill or a video with more people in it, please let us know who you are to prevent confusion. Make sure you dance to a mid- to high-tempo song. We chose a video audition to make sure you are able to sleep in a little bit after you’ve partied hard the night before and focus all your energy on the classes instead of losing a big part of your energy on auditions. We get that this might be scary for some of you but you can make it easier by asking someone to film you during your weekly social for example or do seven retakes if you are not happy with the result 😉

To make it a bit more fun we added a challenge this year. Whoever sends in the most original video audition wins a prize. To give you some ideas: record your video in a weird location or add your best Halloween outfit.