DJ Praveen

Praveen is a dancer and a swing DJ from Amsterdam. With a humble beginning DJ’ing at the weekly socials in Amsterdam, he has been spotted increasingly at various dance floors around Europe. With a broad repertoire and diverse collection of artists, his DJ sets have them all. Be it Classics, gypsy jazz, Nola or contemporary bands, he will give you a night you won’t soon forget.

DJ Superheidi

I’m here for all your swingin’ pleasure, to make you sweat, put that happy grin on your face and not allowing your feet a rest. If you heard my tunes at my stompin ground in the Netherlands or elsewhere (like Snowball, Lindy Shock, All Balboa Weekend, Berlin/Hamburg/Barcelona Balboa Weekend, Studio Hop Summer Camp, Frim Fram Jam, Smokey Feet, Harbour Hop) you know I’m having all the fun in DJing for lindy hop, balboa and some blues. My music tastes are pretty broad (try me!), but tell you what, the 1930s were really exciting!

DJ Rohan

A compulsive dancer, Rohan started DJing at Lindy and Blues parties in his local scene in Utrecht in 2012 and continued to develop his sense for what inspires people to dance, playing regularly in festivals in the Netherlands, and abroad. His sets have evolved with his dancing, focusing increasingly on the musicality, rhythm and feel of the music. An upbeat mixture of vintage big band to New Orleans Jazz and everything in between, his playful sets will keep your feet moving on the dancefloor.

DJ Greta

Greta started off as a techno-Dj in her hometown Leipzig, Germany – that’s why she can’t leave those equalizers alone. Due to the lack of classic swing music in her local scene, she began dj-ing swing music almost at the same time she took up Lindy Hopping. After moving to France she soon became one of the resident Djs for Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues in the Studio Hop Toulouse, leading to gigs at Studio Hop Summer Camp, Herräng, Lindy Shock and ESDC among others. Greta loves the late night hours of a dance and will never stop playing music “until there are only two couples left on the dance floor, with one of them making out”. But meanwhile, we aren’t even sure about that…