Professor Cunningham & his Old School (USA)

This popular New York based band performs the most swinging and grooving repetoire deeply steeped in the New Orleans tradition; from early jazz to early R&B in the aesthetic of Sidney Bechet, Fats Waller, Professor Longhair and even Fats Domino!

Formed 2 years ago by in-demand reedman and vocalist Adrian Cunningham – Australian native based in NYC, – the ensemble consists of some of the most energetic and accomplished musicians on the New York scene. It has been a regular hit in the NYC underground party and swing dance scene since it’s formation in 2012; performing at some of the city’s finest speakeasy shows (Shanghai Mermaid, Gemini and Scorpio, NY Hot Jazz Festival) and regularly performing to packed houses at some of the city’s best swing venues (Cutting Room, Swing 46, The Back Room).

They will play at Smokey Feet on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday parties!

The Rhythm Gamblers

Born in 2013, this band from Montpellier formed by friends musician aims to relive the atmosphere then created by Benny Goodman and Charlie Christian in the 1940s . Both geniuses of jazz music who revolutionized forever next to the New Orleans bands and Big Band. They focused on the role of soloists in a more condensed group : Trumpet, Saxophone, Clarinet, Guitar, Piano, Doublebass and Drums. Rhythm Gamblers sticks to the same model.

The particularity of this music, in addition to its tremendous solos, is rhythm. It was in the 40s, during the explosion of the dances: Lindy Hop and Charleston when this music became very popular in the United States. Striving to play the closest as possible to the spirit of the swing era, our goal is to relive and make you enjoy these crazy years at swing dance festivals and concert halls. Our desire is to honor those teachers who inspire us so much, and to convey the frenzy of life that made them eternal.

They will play at Smokey Feet on the Friday and Saturday parties!


Jazzalike Bigband reached out to us because they were interested in playing at one of the local swing parties in Amsterdam. After playing for us twice we wanted to invite them to play at a bigger swing dancing event for an international crowd of dancers.

Jazzalike Bigband is situated in Utrecht and surroundings and plays at any kind of party with a varied setlist. They played at several dutch Jazz festivals and internationally at the l’Oeuf de Jazz festival in France.